My Greek Hook-Up Story ( by K)

photo1My best friend and I decided to leave Montreal for a two week vacation. We spent the first few days in Athens, went to Cairo, got traumatized and came right back to Greece to forget all about it.

Namely to Mykonos.

By that time it has already been nine days that we were out of Canada and I have not gotten laid yet. The blood was boiling inside of me. And it just happens that I got my period when we got to Mykonos. My dream of tasting a Greek man kinda faded away at that moment.

We rented this cute room/villa at this hotel on a hill about 10 minutes walking from little Venice.

The view was just dreamy! The smell of sea air, the mountains and the view of the turquoise water was incredible. Perfect place to fall in love/lust.

Once we got there, my friend Carla went to shower and I went to the pool bar to get our welcome drinks. As I walked through the opening, I saw these hot Italian looking men. So hot, they were probably gay. As I turn my head towards the bar my eyes rest on a good-looking bearded man behind it staring back at me. Jackpot.

While I’m sipping this whatever fruity drinks he made I am super aware of his eyes on me. He walks up and asks me where I’m from and we end up chit chatting. His name is Vasilis, he is Greek and twenty minutes later he is already inquiring about my plans for that night. Upon hearing my friend and I are thinking of hitting the party scene, he offers to show us around, throwing in “we can have a lot of fun together.”

I’m thinking this man either really likes me or he’s genuinely nice to hot tourists. I found out later that “we are gonna have fun” in Greek translates to “We are gonna have sex”. Me and my naive self. Oh well… What did I care? I knew nothing was gonna happen. It was my time of the month after all.

After walking around the beach and eating at a seaside restaurant with Carla, I was dying to go to the bar and see Vasilis, but it was already midnight so I figured “oh well… Another time.” Let’s see what Mykonos has in plans for us.

After a pretty crazy night out in Club Paradise, and a great start to the day at the pool, I was still hoping to see Vasilis. Instead, I see this other Greek stud. And I think to myself…. “Will I ever be able to stop falling for these Greek Gods?”

We have breakfast. He makes us freshly squeezed orange juice and adds some vodka in. Way to get the two hangover girls drunk again.photo3

We rest around the pool, sleeping, enjoying the cloudless sky and the hot weather of Mykonos.

Then, in the corner of my eye, I see Vasilis at the bar, who seems like he sees me too. As I wake up from a nap after, I feel a little tap on my shoulder. I turn my head and guess what I see – Vasilis’ face looking at me with his big eyes, a drink in his hand.

“Hey K, this drink is for you. You never came to see me after and I was waiting for you”

“I was going to see you” I said “But it seemed kind of late”. That part of it was true.

photo2After he left and I rested some more, I figured, hey this is my last day in Mykonos! I might as well go and innocently flirt with the bar boy. I will myself to walk up to the bar, giving a sign to Carla that I am abandoning her for an hour or so.

As Vasilis and I talk, I feel his eyes burning into me. He asks me what I’m doing tonight and I tell him I’m leaving back home.

“Oh no…” he says “I thought you were gonna stay longer. I could bring you to the beach and we could have fun there!”

“Yes I know” I sigh.

“You know, we can still have a lot of fun” he hints.

Ok, so I know where this is going, however I’m bleeding, but this is probably my last chance to get laid while I’m in Greece with a hot Greek man. I think “screw this” and grab his hand as I finish my cigarette. “Why don’t I call room service?”

I offer him to wait a few minutes then come up with a pretense of  giving me my phone charger.

I said wait a few minutes then you can come by and give me my charger.

As I leave the bar, I am walking slowly. When I am sure nobody can see me, I charge. I tell Claudia that I’m gonna be busy with the boy so she can tan somewhere and read a book.

Get to the room. Clean myself. Pick up the messy clothes scattered everywhere. Get ready to greet him in my bikini.

He knocks. Comes in. As I close the door, he grabs my face passionately and kisses me.

Ouf…. I’m in heaven. We keep on making out, then I realize I’m still on my period, so I have to tell him. I start laughing and he’s a bit bedazzled, so I come right out and say it.

He looks at me with his wide eyes “Are you serious?”

I’m thinking this guy is probably feeling like he has made a bad choice! First I gotta leave in two hours, and then this surprise!

But then he surprises me even more by offering “other holes!” I guess it’s true what they say about Greeks!

I offer to go to the shower instead.

We get in the shower. The window is open so you can see the mountains outside and the breeze is coming through. We have the best sex ever: it is passionate, unexpected and incredible!

As we finish, we dry ourselves, kiss, and I thank him for his “room service” which makes him burst out laughing. Before he left the room he told me to pass by the bar and say goodbye.

Truth is, I didn’t wanna say goodbye. I just wanted to stay in perfect Mykonos forever. My face was glowing so much, Carla looked at me and started laughing.

As I walk up to him to get my final drink, it’s sunset and my body is filled with all kinds of emotions. I feel like crying of happiness, because I had such a wonderful experience with this place. I give him one final hug and I leave.

As we’re in the car to get to the ferry and my mind is still in the clouds, I receive a message from Vasilis: “I will miss you. Hope to see you again :)”

Even though we are leaving this paradise, I’m in heaven.

By next day, I came down to earth. Through Facebook, Carla and I realized he lied about a couple of things. First he lied about his age. Twice! First he told me he was twenty two instead of twenty five. Then it turns out he is actually twenty years old. Way to feel like a craddle robber instead of a man eater I initially considered myself as!

Second it turns out not only does he actually have a girlfriend, after telling me he was single, but that they have been together for three years!

Don’t get me wrong, I was still on a high because of what I’ve experienced. But let’s just say that I felt bad for that poor little girl who trusted this man whore.

And the worst is yet to come. When I get back home and we chat, he tells me he is waiting for both Carla and I to come back because he would love to have fun together. By this time, I get the full definition of fun.

About the writer: Vietnamese, born in Montreal, 27, single, and living the life.


To Kiss or Not to Kiss? (2012) – The Croatian

I swear I am almost embarrassed to admit that I liked this guy. He was twenty-three which meant YOUNG, arrogant and of course, a player. Not two minutes would go by without him checking out another girl. Whom there were plenty of. We were in Mykonos after all.

I have seen him strutting around the campsite and chuckled to myself. I was convinced he was younger and a North American. Blond and built, he carried himself with a slight cockiness and there was no way he was to be taken seriously.

Maybe by fifteen year olds. I was twenty-seven. And seemingly mature. Seemingly.

He was lying by the side of the pool, squeezing lime juice into what looked like water. I asked him if he was starting off his morning with vodka. Tequila, he told me with a twinkle in his eye and offered me to try it. He then introduced himself as Marko from Victoria BC, though he was born and raised in Croatia. We had a nice little chat and to be honest, 80-best-ryan-gosling-hey--large-msg-136752189321though I considered him wayyy too young for me, I was a bit taken back by his easy demeanor, the slow and relaxed way he expressed himself. And the way he reminded me of Ryan Gosling. Not that I even like Ryan Gosling or find him good-looking. But I suppose many girls would argue with me on that.

Our pool, never empty except here

Anyways, Marko had that something. And I think that something was real confidence in himself. He had no need to prove himself to me or to anyone. And that was what drew me to him, though I didn’t want to admit it.

We went for a swim and talked more and more. Then us and two guys from Canada came up with a plan to first go to Paradise Beach for a day party and then to see Tiesto live in Cavo Paradiso, the biggest and most expensive club in Mykonos. Also located on the beach.

After five hours of dancing on tables at Paradise Beach, I was exhausted. As Marko and I walked home, he told me he made out with some girl. Great, I said. I made out with a guy. At this point, I wasn’t deliberately trying to point it in his face. I did actually consider him as a sort of friend. He was very very young and mostly an idiot, though somehow attractive as hell.

As we got back to the campsite, I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I was beyond exhausted from the sun, the heat and the alcohol. But seeing Tiesto in Mykonos had to be worth it so I made myself dress up. By dress up I mean a dress and flip-flops. No heels.

Marko wouldn’t let me take a nap before going. He convinced me that I had to drink in order to stay awake. He shook me by the shoulders and playfully pinched my cheek as the girls in front of us observed us strangely. I loved getting his attention. I don’t even know why. I knew I was older than him, but at times I felt so young around him. It’s like the bastard knew how to push my hot buttons.

We went with the two Canadian boys and two from New York. I was the only girl and I actually really enjoyed it. It’s always fun with the boys as they are relaxed, funny and never catty like girls. The boys also convinced me to try MDMA and since it was my first time seeing Tiesto and first time in Mykonos, I thought why not? First time for everything, right? Plus, I figured it would help me wake up. I was dying from exhaustion. (But for the record: I don’t do drugs).

Yes, kids

Yes, kids

The club was incredible: half inside, half outside, so we could watch the sunrise in the morning and it had a pool that everyone jumped in for the last song. The MDMA was supposed to kick in. Only it didn’t. The Canadian boys kept on touching my hair and saying how beautiful I was, while I felt absolutely nothing. However, I did get a lot of energy and became obsessed with Marko. Though I was sure it wasn’t the drugs.

the party

I am not even kidding when I say that the club was filled with gorgeous, tanned and sexy men. Men from all over the world. What did I want? Only him. I stole glances at him as he casually strolled in his red T-shirt and white capris, finally locating me and giving me a smile. He walked to me and we began to dance what was a very erotic dance. At least to me. He pushed me to him and moved with me, his breath hot against my face and his hands passionately tugging at my dress as if he wanted me. I wanted him badly. With my hands around his sweaty neck, I held him to me and even though I wanted to make a move, I also wanted him to make one. He didn’t. The beautiful trance switched to more beats and we awkwardly separated. The moment was gone. He asked me to go find our friends and I followed him, holding his hand.

One of the New Yorkers was there, trying to grind with me and push his groin into me. I glanced at Marko who was now dancing with another girl, slightly dazed from the drugs. Enough, I thought. I wouldn’t spend the whole night waiting for him. So, I walked around the club, found the most beautiful Italian stallion I could find and made out with him instead. That was before he tried to pull off my dress and I walked away.

The next day, or rather that day later on I kept on thinking about him. I finally saw him lying by the pool, as always with some girls on his side. Trying to be super cool and indifferent, I strutted by him, trying to look as sexy as possible and feeling as pathetic as possible. Finally, the girls left and I walked over to him. I mean, we weren’t anything else but friends, right? I should act like one.

our beach during the day

We went to eat dinner on the beach, which was not as romantic as you might think, considering he spoke mainly about himself and his conquests. At this point, I figured he was just a child and treated him like one. I needed a man. What the hell was I doing with this boy, I don’t know.

However, that night everyone was going to the club to see Afrojack. After coming back at at sunrise and having to leave the next day to Santorini I couldn’t manage to have another sleepless night. The sleazy New Yorker pressed himself to me as I was sitting on a table and told me to convince him not to go to the club. I told him ‘go, please’. He got a bit discouraged then asked me to walk around the beach. I said no.

Apparently, he also asked Marko if there was anything between us as he somehow knew I had a thing for him. I convinced Marko that wasn’t true. He was younger than me. I saw him as a friend.


Conveniently, Marko was also staying with me. Since all of our friends were leaving, he asked me if I wanted to get some alcohol and ‘hang out’ on the beach. The proposal sounded good even if I no longer tried to see him as anything. We walked over the rocks to Paradise Beach where we got some vodka and juice and headed back.

Ah, Mykonos!

Ah, Mykonos!

“Do you want to sit with our friends or go to the beach right now?” he asked.

“I don’t know” I shrugged, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. The beach! The beach! Screamed my insides.

“It’s up to you” he offered. “What do you want?”

“Don’t leave it to me” I said. I am a teacher. That’s how teachers get suspended.

We flipped a coin and ended up sitting with some people, however he really wanted to get away and finally offered me to go to the beach. Aha, I thought! It wasn’t my decision.

We walked through the beach passing by some couple who was having sex. The beautiful guy looked at us with a confident smirk and continued his thrusting. Ok, so I guess this was awkward just for me.

Marko picked the most secluded spot, far away on the beach. How ridiculously romantic it was there! Big orange moon, perfect temperature, the sea that seemed as calm as a pool.. just amazing. I also brought some soft trance music and romantic Italian songs to set the atmosphere.

I awkwardly positioned myself on a lounge chair until he offered me to move in close to him. We talked a little bit until he suggested we go for a swim.

“It’s up to you though. Do you want to?” he asked.

“Sure” I shrugged. Once again, trying to be non-committal. I didn’t want this boy to think he had a big effect on me. I remembered the way he told me about girls and the way one pretty one practically melted all over him as he casually talked to her. I didn’t want to be one of them. I was the mature one. I should know how to seduce men.

We stripped out of our clothes. Thankfully I was wearing a push-up bra that made my normal B cup look like a C cup. Oh the lies we go through… We swam a bit and then walked out.

sunset at our beach

“Come here” he offered and I sat near him on the lounge chair. He took a towel and covered me. I was pressed against his wet chest and he kept on drying me and making shuddering noises.

I was so drawn to him, but I didn’t want to kiss him first. Isn’t swimming in your underwear a definite prelude to something? And what came next is the best prelude ever.

“Do you want a massage?” he offered.


“Yes” I agreed, giddy. First, I loved massages. Second, I liked Marko. Third, well, Marko and massage had to equal something else.

He told me to lie down on the chair and put my arms by my sides. His expert hands massaged me over and over. He worked on my body, my head, my arms… I felt like I was in heaven. I tried to talk, but he told me to be quiet and enjoy myself.

At times, he bent down over me and caressed my hands. I could feel his body ridiculously close to mine and I wanted him so much.

“You’re amazing Marko” I told him.

“I like that you are enjoying this so much” he said. “I can keep going all night.” (No pun intended)

He went on for like an hour, or at least that’s what it felt like. At this point, I thought that if he didn’t finish, he would never kiss me so I told him to stop.

He asked me to move closer to him and covered me with the towel again. It was strange. I was used to seeing immature Marko, but here was a guy who seemed older than me. He was so genuine, relaxed, confident yet caring, so much so that I felt like I was spending the night with another guy.

“Are you cold?” He asked me. I shook my head. “I don’t want you to get sick.”

Mykonos at night. How I miss it!

Mykonos at night. How I miss it!

He pulled me to him, my face inches away from his and said what literally would be a come-on, except now I wasn’t sure of anything.

“Would you like to spend the night on the beach?”

I should have been exhausted from not sleeping, but I wasn’t at all tired as I desired him so much. I wanted him to make a move, damn it!

“Well, let’s lie here” I said “and we’ll see”

This was my non-committal yes. Yes, I wanted to spend the night. Yes, I wanted you to make a move. Where was it?

He pulled me into him so that it felt like we’ve known each other intimately. I was slightly on top of him, my arm across his chest and he was hugging me with one arm, his other caressing my face, my neck and my hands.

“Your skin is very soft” he told me.

This is not the first compliment he told me as he had said I was pretty before and told me if he had as hot of a teacher as me, he would never focus in class.

I think I told him he had great hands.

He caressed me over and over again, his mouth inches from mine. Why, why, why, why aren’t you kissing me? I screamed in my head.

I twisted and made noises in order to wake him up, scared that he would go to sleep and thus forget to ever kiss me.

“Shh, sleep” he would say.

Sleep? Make a bloody move and I would sleep! I wanted to scream. What the hell was this? You can’t seduce me and leave me hanging.

And I swear to you, his hand never left me, as he kept on caressing me over and over, even going as far as to give an ‘ear massage’.

I actually kissed him on the cheek and wished him good night. What did he do? The same. A chaste goodnight kiss, with a girl who was spending the night with you. On the beach. In Mykonos. You, who were a boy in the prime of his life, ready to spring up for any resemblance of a woman. What was wrong with me?

He never went to sleep either. He kept on waking up every two seconds and we even switched ‘positions’. He was now all over me on top. Really. And nothing.

0By the time roosters starting singing their ‘cookle do’ or whatever it is, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got enough will power in me to begin.

“Marko. Can I ask you something?”

He sat down on me and took out his cigarette, the sun beginning to rise behind him.

“Yeah?” He asked, his cat yellow eyes looking down at me as he inhaled.

I felt so awkward suddenly. I mean what kind of twenty-seven year old teacher asks a twenty-two year old why he wasn’t kissing her on a beach. It was embarrassing.


“Ok, Mia. Now you have to tell me. You can’t do that.”

I shuffled and stammered and breathed for about five minutes. Finally I asked him what I was trying to ask all night.

“Why didn’t you try anything? I mean, not sex. But we spent the night on the beach and you didn’t even try to kiss me?”

“Oh” he said as if he hadn’t expected it. Yeah, right he didn’t. What a clueless, chaste young boy he was. “Well, you know I never kiss first. I did tell you about the Italian girl and how she kissed me. Why didn’t you make a move?”

“Because I am twenty-seven”

“But you’re older. You should know better”


“So we’re both stubborn“ he said with a smile.

“ I guess so” I answered. I felt even more awkward now. I expected him to kiss me by this point, but I didn’t want to feel like I was begging for it.

“Just don’t do anything” I said. “I feel awkward.”

He finished the cigarette. “But you know that it has nothing to do with your attractiveness. I think you’re pretty and you know I don’t have a type.”

How sweet.

“Look, Marko. Please don’t explain yourself. It’s fine. I was just surprised, that’s all”

“I just thought we were good as friends. I didn’t want to ruin a nice romantic night with another hook up.”

“But we’re not friends” I laughed. “You live in BC. I live in Toronto. We’ve known each other for two days”

“Yes, but I like to distinguish girls that I feel are my friends and I felt that with you. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said anything about other girls. I mean, why would I do that and still try something?”

So I was a friend. Best friend. Friend that he would never see again.

Best friends!

Best friends!

“It’s fine.” I turned on my side. “ I feel embarrassed I even said anything to you. You’re so young.”

He lay down near me. “So, now, I don’t know what to do.”

“Sleep.” I told him. “I’m going to.”

I actually fell asleep for 20 minutes or so. As the sun came up and I have not slept all night, expecting a kiss from this Young Prince, I felt stupid. Not stupid, exactly. More like upset. Or a mixture of both. Any young boy would be glad to have a girl close to him. Even a proximity to a girl would spur a rising. Clearly Marko was different or he wasn’t attracted to me. Or maybe, just maybe, he was so sure of himself, that he wanted to seduce me and leave me hanging. In this case, it definitely worked. I was the fool.

I said goodbye to him and left. He still tried to talk to me about it, but I was done.



I saw him again in three days. We met on another island – Ios. I knew he was there, but as I saw him in a club, I felt nervous. He saw me and gave me a hug. He looked genuinely happy to see me and as we danced together again, and a heat of attraction washed over me, I thought “Enough”. This would have the same ending as Mykonos. So I told him I had to go and left the club.

I saw him a few times after, drunk and surrounded by girls.

Who knows why, but I still sometimes wonder why he didn’t make a move and if any of you have an idea or a thought, feel free to share. It would be interesting to hear no matter how bizarre.

Unless you say he’s gay. Definitely not.