I Want to Read & Feature YOUR stories!

TravalotHi everyone and thank you so much on your warm comments about my posts! It really meant a lot that you spent hours going over my extremely lengthy stories and even sometimes sat through my entire blog!

I have to say, I really  loved sharing these sometimes funny, sometimes emotional and oftentimes embarrassing stories. At first it was simply an outlet, since my friends got tired of me talking about it and I loved to! Later, it because a hobby, and from time to time, I actually noticed myself getting into these stupid situations as a way to get content for later. The Dutch story started like that. I was literally bored and I needed an interesting tale, which actually ended up being the least memorable.

This blog led to me to a bigger video project, which I wish I could share with you! It is now my main priority and takes LOTS of my time, but I love it beyond anything I have ever done before. Ironically, once I started the dating project, I also stopped dating. This brings me to the fact that yes, I love sharing stories, but besides having no time, I have NO STORIES! I am a single, boring girl with no more international dating.

A lot of you spent time writing your own personal stories to me and from the jumbled up version, they seemed quite interesting and worthwhile sharing, so I figured, why not create a community of international daters? If you have an interesting story to tell, email me at miainternationaldating@gmail.com. If I like your story, I will make sure to feature it on the blog. If not, I will ask you to spend more time on revising it in order to make it presentable (and relatable!)

Looking forward to your stories!