Bio: Born and raised in Russia and with a real love of travelling, new languages and cultures I became fascinated with the 'international'. Having dated men from various countries around the globe, I would often notice the importance culture would play into their character. The French men seemed to throw romantic words around easily while their Northern neighbours were much more stiff. At one point I started noticing that I was almost interviewing the men and women about the dating style in their country. It was so fascinating to me, hours would go by where I would stay glued to the person, asking question after question. What are the women like? Are the men generally shy? What do the dates involve? And people, sensing my interest would dish out the most interesting things. Half of which I unfortunately can't recall. The idea for the first video came from this obsession with the international dating. And that's what I originally named it. After I edited the first video, I realized I couldn't let this hobby of mine go so easily. So I kept going. I got a professional cameraguy and equipment, and notebook of ideas I consistently update since the ideas keep on coming. I hope you enjoy my site and share your own ideas, suggestions and pointers. Maybe you too are a dater without borders. Thanks, M

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