Twenty-Two is an (Un) Lucky Number (2015)


Why does this always happen to me?

As of last Thursday I’ve been with 22 sex partners. I was a little hesitant about sharing this number with you, because I feel like people do judge you based on your number. Remember that movie “What’s your number”? It’s a ridiculously stupid chick flick, but it kind of proves my point.

However, since I always share my personal details with you guys, I figured that was the next step in our virtual relationship! I’m thirty and two of my longest relationships were a year each, so I suppose it’s not very surprising that my number added up so fast. It’s ironic – I hardly have sex back in Canada. In fact, my apartment has been man-free ever since I rented it (a year and a half ago) and the last time I had sex, I was in Argentina – and if you read it and remember the story: it was bad. So, when I’m back at home, I approach dating way more seriously. And if I miraculously meet someone I like (which happens rarely in this impersonal city), I wait it out before I have sex. But of course, nine times out of ten we never even get there. Nor do I want to.

Make it stop.

Make it stop.

Ever since coming from Argentina I briefly dated a Russian guy who then disappeared into thin air and reappeared on Facebook with photos of his fake-assed, fake-titted Colombian girlfriend. And there was an English guy who was amazing, but who I barely any physical attraction with. And of course, the French guy from my past story who simply disappeared when I didn’t have sex with him… So out of  complete and utter boredom, I was beginning to develop feelings for my hot Brazilian student, who unfortunately had little topics other than his love of the gym and eating tuna to stay in shape. After I dragged him to a bar for language practice and spent the night correcting his English, I realized I was getting desperate. Out of a lack of options, I exploiting my workplace now.

The next day I was supposed to meet Emilio, a friend of mine with whom we recently drifted apart. He told me he had the ‘perfect specimen’ for my international web-series who just came from Switzerland. Since I never interview random Europeans for my channel, I figured it was a set up. Emilio was sarcastic and constantly poked fun at my love of European and Latin men, so I expected he would bring someone attractive. Or I hoped.

avicii-2-header I dressed casually in jeans and white tennis shoes and went to meet them by the lake. As soon as I hugged Emilio, I saw what I can only describe as the ‘most European guy I have seen in a while.’ Bright blond hair with some sort of Avicii type haircut, big light blue eyes, full lips, very tall. I guess if I lived in Scandinavia I would most likely be completely desensitized to this, but as a girl who loves everything European and lives in North America, I practically salivated over him. He represented to me everything that I craved.

He confidently introduced himself as Frederic and I think I put on my interviewer mode, which is what I do when I am nervous and into someone. I was very conscious of being interested but for some reason I was picking the worst things to say to this guy. I started saying the Germans made fun of the Swiss accent, out of all things. Then I told him Switzerland must be boring as hell. Why can’t I just be the girl that smiles sweetly, listens and looks extremely feminine? Why do I need to dominate every conversation with my ‘world knowledge’ and wit?

We met a few more friends and began walking in search of bars. I had to get up early next day for a school BBQ, but I was too interested in this guy to go home. And of course, shall I say it yet again? He was leaving in a day. Damn that. Frederic looked a bit younger, but he made a deal of telling people he was 26. It wasn’t my age, but I suppose it was old enough. By that, I mean – I never meet guys my age that I’m actually attracted to. When I do, it’s a cause for real celebration.

Weird lot

Weird lot

He was very flirtatious. If I could say one thing about Swiss-Germans is that they are a strange lot. Mostly I found them to be aggressive, kinky and very sexual, so it was interesting that Frederic was also very forward. At first we walked side by side talking, but soon enough he began touching me with a certain ease, sending me prolonged looks full of meaning and acting like he just arrived on some Italian boat of seduction.



“Your friend must do this a lot, huh?” I light-heartedly asked Emilio, trying to be casual, but actually really hoping he would say no. “You would be surprised actually.” Emilio answered with a shrug, showing me it was indeed a no. That lifted my spirits up immensely and I agreed to go dance with Frederic as soon as he asked me at the bar. Man, I can’t even remember the last time a cute guy asked me to go dance in this city. It’s such a rare and wonderful feeling. We walked out on the empty dance floor and awkwardly danced to horrible R’n’B oldies.

“I would like to kiss you” he told me with no hesitation.  He said it genuinely, with no fear of rejection, in such a lighthearted manner that I gaped at him in awe. How was this person Swiss? swiss I loved that he was so forward. In a city where everyone is constantly scared of appearing too invested, too interested, too vulnerable here was Frederic who wanted to kiss me and didn’t try to hide it. It was playful, it was easy, and of course I wanted to kiss him too but I answered “Not during this horrible music” and softly pushed him away.

We went back to drink and then as the music changed, he led me on the dance floor again. No less empty, at least the music was beginning to sound somewhat romantic. They were playing some weird mix of Titanium, but it was a step above Get Low by Lil Jon. We gave each other a few prolonged, awkward stares and then he took my face in his and kissed me. I thought “what the hell” and kissed him back. Relieved, he smiled and said “And now, we can dance!”

kissing_in_streetAs we left the bar in search of another place, Emilio and my other friend told us the directions and asked us to meet them at the next place. As they drove away, we stood on the sidewalk for a split second before he took my face into his hands and began kissing me. Moments later we were up against some wall right in the midst of nightlife, making out like we were in high school. Even the police drove up and told us to get a room. Then they just sat in the car laughing. People passed by us staring at us, but I didn’t care. I don’t feel that young, spontaneous and carefree often so I enjoyed the feeling of standing against some wall and just kissing.

But he was set on going to my place. And I wasn’t planning on inviting him over. Like a very good salesman, Frederic wouldn’t give up. I think we went back and forth for  two hours, but my mind was set.

“Look” I finally told him the truth. “I just don’t like the one-night stand thing. I don’t want to feel used. It’s not a pleasant feeling.”

It seemed as if he liked my honesty. “I will tell you the truth” he said “I didn’t like you when I met you.”

“That’s definitely helping.”

“No, really” he looked at me seriously. “You kept on asking me all these questions interview style.. I wasn’t interested. But when we got to the bar and I got to know you a little, all of a sudden that changed. By the way, I’ve never had a one-night stand either.”

Come on! He is bullshitting you – you are all thinking. I will admit, his approach was very flirty, very easy and reminded me of someone who was used to getting women. I mean he sang me the song “I feel so close to you right now” as were left behind the other group.  I sang back: “When I met you in the summer..” (to keep in the theme of Calvin Harris songs)

But, the one thing that I love, absolutely love about Germans and Swiss-Germans (and Austrians, I suppose) is their ability to tell the truth. The cold, hard, bitter truth.  I prefer that over hearing a bunch of lines anytime. Like a quality Swiss watch, this guy just had to be trusted. Funny-Swiss-Watches-13-320x240 And I haven’t had sex since March.

“I have a two day rule” I told him. Actually, it used to be a three day rule, then turned into “the last day of the days we have together before one of us ultimately leaves” rule.

He stepped back. “That makes you very unattractive” with his soft German accent making the last word into ‘unatractif’.

“Why?” I couldn’t understand how having rules made me ‘unatractif’.

Later he told me he thought the rule implied not sleeping with two guys in a row. Like I needed a day of rest or something. When I told him it’s been quite a while for me, he was ecstatic. Finally he took my hand and led me down a path where we climbed over some fence and proceeded to do I don’t know what. At this point I realized I might as well just invite him over to my house. Whatever this was, it wasn’t much better than a one-night stand. And what was I loosing exactly? This was the most excitement I have felt in a while.

We took a taxi over and I rapidly cleaned my mess while he stood outside the door. I mean, how would I know a live man would come into my house on a Thursday? On top of it all I have books like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Why Men Love Bitches” on full display.

fifty_shades_of_grey_lego_trailer_still He was so nervous, he went soft soon after we started. What is it with me? Either I am so sexy men get intimidated or I’m that unattractive they can’t get excited. After Fran in Argentina and his initial softness, I was starting to sense a pattern. But strangely enough I kind of liked it. It showed me that he was just as nervous about it as I was and it somehow brought me closer to him. I told him it was absolutely fine and instantly relieved he enveloped me in his arms and kissed me with fervor. He couldn’t get enough of me. I couldn’t get enough of him. We hugged each other close and ended up cuddling for the longest time. Before we fell asleep we ran out of condoms, and when I woke up early on next morning all I saw were those big blue eyes staring at me counting down the minutes until Drug Mart opened. He didn’t take his hands off of me the whole night. Before I went to work, we took a shower together, washing each other’s hair. This no longer seemed like any kind of stand.

That's the one we watched!

That’s the one we watched!

This night instead of sporting jeans and tennis shoes, I made sure to dress up in a red dress and heels. When we met by the water, he couldn’t get enough of how I looked saying “wow” every minute or so and kissing me. We watched the fireworks on the bridge and held hands.

“You know, when we took a shower today.. it almost felt like we were a couple.” He focused his eyes on me. “I don’t want to scare you..”

“No, you are not scaring me” I told him.

He was doing the opposite actually. We stopped by to say hi to Emilio and a few other guy friends of mine, who were the witnesses of our quick romance the other night. We were welcomed by clapping in unison. “You look so radiant” one of my guy friends mentioned and I really felt it.



After we took off, we sat on the dark beach talking. He was telling me he was thinking of studying to be a doctor, even though he just finished an engineering degree. Something about it didn’t add up though. I mean, at 26 he should have already started working, not just finished university. When I asked him about when he was turning 27, he told me “Age is just a number” which could have meant it didn’t matter, but it got my wheels spinning.

Sex that night lasted for ages. Rather, it started out hot and passionate, then very close, and by the end (about 2 hours later) we started having a regular conversation both falling asleep and laughing from the ridiculousness of it all. At one point he looked down at me and said: “You are so beautiful. You know, I really like you Mia”

“I really like you too.”

It’s not that the sex was the best of my life, but during this night and this morning, the bed had become our world as we talked, had sex, cuddled, moved around, laughed, had sex… over and over and over again as some strange continuous motion, our hands never leaving each other. I imitated German accent, he tried Indian accent that sounded like he just hit puberty and made me burst out laughing. As usual, with some of my long distance flings I started feeling a connection. And of course, then I began thinking “Maybe it could work.” He had invited me to New York as he was still traveling around North America until September. Maybe it was the beginning of something? But that nagging thought didn’t leave me.

“Frederic. Can I ask you question?”

“Mhmm” he looked at the ceiling.

“Are you 26?” I held my breath.

“Age is just a number, Mia” he repeated.

“Just how old are you?”

Maybe he was just playing with me. I mean, he did say he was 26. He knew I was 30. My friend Emilio was 34.

He grew quiet clearly debating telling me or not.


“I’m 22. Almost 23” he finally said.

I covered my head in my hands and uttered “Oh my God!”

“But come on. Does this really matter?”

“Yes! Of course it does! I am a pedophile!”

He lay there scared to hug me.

“But this doesn’t change anything. I mean, I’m the same guy”

“Yes. I but thought you were 26.”

“But what does it matter? I mean, it’s a fling, isn’t it?” he asked, crushing something inside of me. Not only was I attracted to younger guys, but I was actually considering having something more with him just a few minutes ago. Now all of these illusions made me feel even more pathetic. Just how old was I?

Forever stuck in a hostel

Forever stuck in a hostel

He was mature.. for his age. But now that I looked him over – he did look younger. Young, blond – the European type guy that goes to Avicii concerts and stays in hostels. The guy that I’ve always wanted to have when I was younger and never met. Was I making up for some sort of lost time?

“So when you say I’m the best you have had, how many were there? Two?” I probed.

“Well, there can’t be two. I mean I told you I had my girlfriend and I was dating a girl in the USA. And you”

“Three?” I exclaimed.

“No, four.”

“Four girls” I muttered to myself. “Oh God.”

Of course, it was all ‘wow’ and ‘this is amazing!’ and ‘I can’t get enough of your body’. If I could pinpoint the time my subconsciousness was yelling at me to give him another look was when I was on top of him during sex.He was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

“How many did you have?” he asked me back.

“I’m not gonna tell you.”

“I’m not gonna think you are a slut, don’t worry. Was it 22?”

I turned around so quickly, there was no way to cover it up now. “How did you guess?”

“I just named my age, that’s all” he smiled. “And when did you lose your virginity?”

“When I was 22” I muttered. Apparently this was my lucky or most likely cursed number.

“On vacation?” he asked innocently. Did this guy have access to this blog or something?

Screen-Shot-2013-09-12-at-8.30.33-AMI still liked him. Hell, I was still naked in bed with him. But now, I didn’t know what to do. He was still the same guy that I got along with so well, but I was concerned about myself. I was becoming that woman. A puma.

Once, when I was in Miami I met a what seemed to be a 38 year old woman: long hair with a very weathered look, who would spend hours in a bar flirting with an Italian bartender. At the end, she picked up a young Australian guy who was so thrilled about the prospect of getting laid he didn’t care how old she was. That evening, I quickly kissed some guy in a club. On the way out, he went to join his friends and I remember her turning to me and telling me to go after him if I wanted to ‘get laid’. I promised myself – I would never, ever become that desperate woman. I would save my dignity and integrity and never chase men, especially young men, just to get a sense of validation.

I didn’t feel the age gap with him, but I was much, much older. Eight years ago, I lost my virginity and he barely hit puberty. And that doesn’t even say much considering I lost my virginity very late.

We slept one hour only because I forced him to. He was ready to stay up all night, praising my body and jumping on me.. oh the stamina, but I was dead. Finally, an hour later, he got up like a zombie, but still tried one last time. Then he dozed off holding me, almost missing his bus to Montreal.

You would think I would no longer talk to him? Yet, not a day has gone by that we haven’t engaged in long conversations over Whatsapp. Sure, this is completely and utterly pointless, but I just can’t lose him yet. He tells me he misses me, that he thinks about me, that age doesn’t matter. But it does.

Yet, while we get older and let our past experiences get to us, as we lack the courage

Young Girl Jumping Off Cliff Into Water

Young Girl Jumping Off Cliff Into Water

or the interest in putting ourselves out there, as the novelty of certain feelings wears off and as we start yawning at 10pm because we would rather be in bed than attending some party, I think we need to revert back to our 22 year old self. (In my case, my 25 year old self as my 22 year old self was scared of everything)

The zest for life. The ability to be vulnerable without any guards up. To say what is on our mind. Not to behave in a certain way because we feel it is expected. To actually go after someone and let them know it. To risk looking unatractif. To look at someone and tell them you want to kiss them. I mean if you do, why not just state it? You might just disarm someone.

How many sex partners have you had?

*To add onto this story – Frederick ended up coming back to stay with me for a week only to postpone his ticket 5 times for a total of 2 months. Was I stupid to let him stay knowing we had no future? I suppose I was, but I missed the companionship of a man and with him, I could finally feel I was with someone. The first time he considered extending, I put up a fight saying he could only stay a week more. I knew I was losing time with him, yet the longer he stayed, the more I got used to him. I wanted him to leave so I could finally focus on something serious yet I was scared of being alone once again. He told me he loved me a few weeks into it and I didn’t say it back. I didn’t believe him, really. I knew he was in love with an idea of love, with his experiences, but not with me as a person. Another few weeks into our so called relationship, I lost my job and we ended up going to Cuba on a vacation before he would leave back home. And yet, he ended up staying 3 weeks more and I let him. Finally, there was no more postponing medical school and by this time, we began fighting more and more regularly. I was upset about him leaving, but I also knew that even if he had been my age, I doubt I would have wanted a serious relationship with him. We both cried at the airport, but at the bottom of my heart, I was actually relieved. For weeks, I missed the empty space next to me in bed, but I didn’t miss him, really. I missed having someone near me. We stayed in contact for a few months, and at the end we stopped. He hasn’t written to me in a month now and though it definitely hurts, I stopped thinking about him to the point where it doesn’t matter much. Oh, and by the way, he has access to this blog, so should he read this.. well, he might as well find out.


31 thoughts on “Twenty-Two is an (Un) Lucky Number (2015)

  1. ¡Oh Dios mío! Mia i love ur blog! I read ur whole stories in one single day! Just like u i like more foreign men than my locals (I’m mexican, sorry for my bad english) i think u should not worry about finding a serious relationship right now, ur still young and keep enjoying men haha :), btw can u send me the links about the other blog u mention related to flirtatious moves?

    • Ohh I forgot i’ve had few partners all of them of my country except one he was english and used to be my english teacher haha

    • Thanks Viridiana! Well, you should say that to my mom. She’s so worried about me, her standards have lowered significantly! I will send you the link to my Youtube channel so you could check it out. If you read all of my stories in one day (wow! I’m so impressed!!!) then you might be able to locate some of the guys in the video!:)

  2. Mia believe me you didn’t lose your virginity late…I was 26 when I finally had my first romantic relationship and gave him my virginity. He’s still the only man I’ve had sex with and I’ve been single ever since, I just want to move on. I’m sure he thought I was a fling (he said we were ‘sort of a couple’ which I found infuriating, he totally led me on to believe it was a relationship. Anyway it’s been almost 2 years since we were together and I really want to have a real boyfriend who respects and loves me enough not to be unfaithful. I would have been shocked at this Swiss guy pretending to be older but sometimes I wish I could have sex again just to get rid of the image of my ex which is tied up to most of my fantasies because I haven’t had sex with any other man grr I haven’t had sex for so long unless it’s with myself which isn’t the same. At least I can make myself orgasm, I never came with my ex whatever the fuck he was.

    • Wow, 26! I guess I started out pretty early then:)
      Everyone has different times for it, so don’t stress out about that.
      The Swiss guy actually came back and is now living with me.. the horrible part is that he wants to extend by 2 weeks and I want him to as well, but we both know there is no future. Firstly because of his age and also because he is entering medical school, so he can’t focus on anything else. We are getting really close to each other and it is starting to scare me a bit to be honest…

  3. 13 partners for me (or maybe i should sit down & count… well 13 sounds right but not sure if my ex is in that or not, could be 14)
    Mia. just ran across your blog. you’re awesome. thank you so much for sharing. seriously. youre awesome.

    a new fan

  4. Studying at 1am in the morning in Bxl and school hasn’t even started yet. The student house manager found out that I have a full set of 37 head screw tool box just now and gave me a look I will never forget. Bumped into a couple having sex in the living room earlier on this evening, somehow I had to apologise to them? Anyway, thought of your blog and wanted to say hi. I know what you meant by sleeping with younger guys. I look 23 (that’s the number I receive when people try to guess my age until I get real with the talking) and I am 30, so cute guys around that age do try to hit on me. I just met 2 super cute Mexican guys, and I am sure they are no more than 22; got absolutely fascinated by my British accent and have probably raped me in their heads while we were talking. If I was not so much of a boring person, I would have slept with 1 of them. So yes, I understand the attraction. It’s worse when most lads in their early 20’s make a move on me and I had to push myself to walk away just in case I freak them out if I tell them I am turning 30 in a couple of months. At least your Swiss knows your age and doesn’t think of it as an issue. It’s all in your head, if you can adjust the way you deal with things in life, you gain more out of it in the end; as long as there is no regrets. 🙂

    • Hey Jo,

      Yes, he does know my age and he actually came back and postponed his ticket. He has been living with me for 3 weeks, and we actually even went on vacation together.. But while I still want him to stay, the ending for this is inevitable because of our age difference, location and the fact that he is going to medical school. It’s really hard to think of saying bye, having been used to living together in a small apartment for this long and really knowing a person inside out. I will probably publish a story soon.. But even though you look young and probably feel young, I would have never gotten involved in this had I known his real age. The hurt is just too much.. So, my advice – find someone around the same age.. maybe a few years younger, but nothing more.


  5. Hey Mia,

    Weird question but are you really attractive? I really want to have some of the experiences you have had even if I get hurt but I feel like it only happens to gorgeous girls. It seems like the attractive guys you meet are always drawn to you. I have a lot of guys that like me but they are all average or unattractive looking with the exception of a couple cute guys who have unattractive personalities. I’ve never been with a guy I really like, even just for sex, but I am also very picky. I’m just so incredibly sexually frustrated and am very desperate to feel something.

    Great blog btw!

    • Thank you N,

      Hmm that’s a tough one.. I think I am attractive, but of course saying that just makes me feel a bit arrogant. If you want, I can forward you my channel and you can judge for yourself. But I think that while looks are definitely important in getting someone attracted to you, never underestimate your own perception of yourself. If you think you are ugly, unimportant, boring etc. that’s how you will be perceived by others.. Any woman who believes in her own worth and treats others from that perspective will in turn be treated the same way. But you and I are similar in that we are both desperate to feel something.. and in my case, this is why I have all these stories in the first place. Let me know if you want access to my channel.

      PS the Swiss guy came back and is living with me for three weeks now. He is walking around the room so I’m trying to be careful in not letting him see this conversation:))

  6. Hello! I can’t tell you how much I identify myself with your blog. I am just 19 years old but since I was young I knew that I didn’t want to date guys of my country. Is not they are bad but is not so exciting. My first time was also with a german and now I am dating a guy from Israel.
    I really really like your blog!

  7. Hey Mia,

    I stumbled upon your blog completely by chance, as I was in the middle of a cheeky google search on “what are swiss guys like”, as I know a german-swiss guy with whim I had a fling in the past and who has recently sort of emerged from limbo back into my life (by the way, I completely agree with you, swiss guys are mostly kinky and quite sexual creatures with chiseled chins, which basically makes them irresistible).
    Anyways, the reason why I’m writing this comment is because There are few things I love more in life than the realisation of how small this world is. I happen to know two of the guys in that photo subtitled ” forever stuck in a hostel”. If that wasn’t enough freakishness, they are both from the same town as me in Brazil ( although, I live in Australia) and at one point in my life I had a crush on one of them and have kissed the other (many years later). I am loving reading your stories and can identify with so many of them. I’m also 30 and have had my fair share of international boys in my life.
    Thank you for sharing! I would love to check out your youtube channel but I’m guessing it is sort of an “invite only” kind of situation. If that’s the case, would you be so kind and send me the link? 🙂

    • Hey! haha, what a small world! Wow! Yay – another 30 year old. We can relate to each other.

      I’m really sorry for the late answer as all of these comments somehow went into my junk mail and since I haven’t been writing here, I completely lost track of everything. I will pass my channel by email right now. I don’t like flaunting it here since this blog is quite personal. Thanks for sharing:))

    • haha Thanks. Well, he stayed until October and then we broke up, so no congrats there! I will pass you the channel now. Sorry for the late answer.. haven’t been checking these. Terrible me.

  8. Mia, I love your forthright honesty! No judgments here.

    I read about your hookup in Panama. And it was so much like mine…

    I had my first hookup with someone out of town, he lives in Los Angeles. We didn’t have sex, but we both really wanted to… I didn’t give him the green light. I wasn’t ready and I was actually really into him.

    He asked me what my type was when we cuddled at his place that first date night. I told him, the strong but silent type. By the end of the night which was sleepless for us both, teasing each other all night and talking and going to a little dinner for breakfast… He told me, you really are my type. As he ran his fingers through his soft light light light brown Italian hair. And by the time I got home, I was smitten. He was the strong silent type. And he even reminded me of my favorite movie star that I was really really hoping to connect with during my trip in LA! He seemed so into me in every way… even up until the point that…

    I revealed too much of my feelings to soon, that weekend when I was under the influence. He thought it was beautiful though. He embraced it, and he kept seeking me out even as I tried to push him away.

    I had lost “control” / my cool – my advantage that I clearly had over him before I had texted him lines and lines of feelings I didn’t even know I had…

    I had said too much, and I asked him to act. That if he returned the feelings, to fly me out to see him for break, and if not, I’d stop talking to him and not waste my time. He refused gently, because he just got out of a long distance relationship that really tore him up… That was his excuse… but he kept pursuing me softcore, just not all the way. We kept talking. He answered my video chats anytime I called and sent me video messages… and he paid close attention to when I didn’t respond to him… as handsome a model-looking guy as he is living in LA… why keep holding on to something and not actually pursue it?

    (A) Fly me out and get to know me better already, or
    (B) Just forget about me and find another girl. So we don’t have to talk long distance and wonder about the possibilities… I’d rather REALLY get to know him in person than do the whole long distance thing which can really be a buzzkill.


    He says: he doesn’t want to burn bridges, and he hopes we can keep talking and see each other whenever I am in town.

    (But I refuse to be a fling. I don’t want to just be this awesome, convenient thing for him to have. He has to be actually invested in my opinion.)

    Mia, what do you think? 😤

    • Thanks Lady! Good for you – yes. Let him choose. He wants to have something or he doesn’t. If he feels that he can get a fling without any consequences he will stick to it. Otherwise, if he wants to be with you he can also make it happen. So many men are too lazy to take charge lately. It has become easy to not put in any work into getting the woman. There are always too many readily available girls willing to bend over backwards.. But I think a quality man will recognize a woman who respects herself and goes by her own rules and will appreciate the challenge. Just wonder if he is that type of man.

      Let me know what happens!:)

  9. Hi ! The few stories I read are pleasant but I feet a bit disturbed when the boy misbehave at the end. Excuse my poor english, I’m french… I’m 31, I had only 3 patners, my sexuality is not awsome. I had my first time when I was 22, like you. I’m too more attracted to foreign men, mostly black men, I don’t know why. Probably because I find they are more interresing because I like dicovering different culture. And they are more attracted to me than french white men. I’m interested in your channel. Aren’t you affraid that people at work discover your website ? How are you since september ?

    • Hi Helene,

      Actually, he ended up coming back and living with me for two more months.. We knew it was going nowhere, and we even took a vacation together, but knew the end was coming. He kept on prolonging his ticket, but at the end he had to go back to school. For me, it was ridiculous to have such a ‘relationship’ and the only way I can explain is that I loved having him near me and I wanted to save this time no matter if it finished at the end. I will pass you my Youtube channel. Not scared of the Youtube channel, no.. because actually it is what I want to do. I started with this blog and then went on to start videos. Check it out and hope you like it. 😉

  10. Hey Mia!
    I am twenty-one and just discovered your blog, and have to say it’s been an awesome read! Thank you for being so open with your experiences. I’ve only dated Americans and have not had the opportunity to date any foreign men. My family is from Liberia, West Africa and I currently live in the U.S. but I do plan to travel to France this summer, so hopefully that will change. I would love the link to your YouTube channel as well, if you wouldn’t mind!

    • Wow, I love your blog. I’ve been reading almost all the posts today and it’s so exciting. My latest love interests have all been foreigners so I can relate to your stories. I crave for passionate relationships and I actually met a Portuguese guy during my vacation last month and now he is coming to visit me in couple of weeks. So let’s see what happens…
      I would love to see your channel, please send me a link.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

      • Thanks so much, Helena! Good luck with the Portuguese (they are generally really romantic as you probably already know by now;)). Will send you the channel link by email!

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