What Happened to Them? (2015)

People are not characters and even as the story ends, they continue to live on. So, most likely some of my faithful readers out there have wondered – hmm.. What happened to this guy? Or that douchebag? Did she ever see them again? I’ve decided to do something different and give you a continuation of the stories. Only the ones that had some sort of continuation of course.

The German – Stefan

1386-0905-1204-5728 The guy I lost my virginity to? His girlfriend is having a baby. We no longer speak to each other. I no longer care either, though of course, even years later I still remember him. Who can forget their first?

The Chilean – Javier

This guy bears UNCANNY resemblance to Javier Remember the nineteen year old I met in Mexico and decided it would be a great idea to have a long distance relationship with him? Wonder of wonders, I was passing my Chile a few months ago and he met me at the airport. With his new girlfriend of course. At this point, I had no idea what I could have seen in this guy. Empty blue eyes, nothing interesting to say.. Yes, he definitely grew from a boy to a man, but now at 29 I no longer saw what my 25 year old self was attracted to. The whole thing was quite awkward as his girlfriend seemed very jealous and at one point, as he asked me about the past, started caressing his arm protectively. Any look in his eyes suggesting interest raised red flags in her. To be very honest with you – I didn’t even want to make her jealous. I thought both of them looked perfect for each other – like a clothing ad. Even their names were similar. I’m not saying I became a better person or anything, but I think I matured to the point where I no longer felt the need to prove something to myself or anyone. I was too busy looking for my own person.

The Argentinian – Fran


This is the newest story of all… And at this point, I no longer feel anything for Francisco either, though I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I get a message from him. We talked recently right after I uploaded a new video featuring his cousin – the player. The lover of attention was quite disappointed I never included his highness in the video. I told him I would include him in the next. I will not.

The Argentinian – Alfie

motorcycleWe are not in touch, but whenever I see his face on Facebook it literally makes me sick. There is something seriously off with that guy.

The Portuguese – Luiz

Some of you have mentioned to See? Not prettyme that this is your favorite story. Actually, it’s also one of my favorites. It is not every day someone flies to see you in another country. And someone that gorgeous either. But sadly enough, looks quickly faded for Luiz and he is no longer the “Brazilian model” young guy he once was. I was in Lisbon in the summer and only wrote to him the last day of my trip. I suppose I didn’t want to ruin a good memory and see Luiz as he is now, but then had a change of mind. We never managed to meet. It was too late in my trip and he now has a girlfriend that controls his every move. I think it’s a good thing we didn’t. Some memories are better left alone.

* and even though this is a story after the story, there is still another story that follows! A day after publishing this entry, Luiz decided to call me and we had a conversation on the phone during which he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend of five years. My romantic and idealistic Luiz sounded the same and yet different. He told me he learned English (through watching the Game of Thrones) and even though he was still a romantic at heart, his last girlfriend killed the idealistic streak in him. “No!” I yelled into the telephone “You were my one super romantic guy! Don’t tell me life destroyed that!” Seems that Luiz and I can’t seem to lose the contact and even when you think the story is over, life suddenly surprises you.

* And no, Luiz is still the beautiful Brazilian looking guy. Maybe even more so in his maturity. But after a Skype call, after hearing from him that he has never experienced what he had with me, I still knew that he is not the man I want. And I doubt I would move to Portugal to live with him.

The Puerto Rican – Franko

446011_f520Oh, my crazy obsession! The biggest obsession I have ever had over someone I barely knew. But someone who I now know is a self-obsessed, self-entitled asshole who feels he can get away with treating people any way he likes. The guy had the audacity to repeat his Puerto Rican episode not one more time, but TWO more times. The first was a year ago, after my video has come out. Clearly he felt special so he decided to invite himself to Canada to visit me. When I told him that he wouldn’t be able to stay at my place, he answered back with “I’m not going to sleep on your couch after a long flight!” Even though he didn’t bother messaging me for over 2 months, the royal douchebag still expected me to welcome him into my bed. Then he disappeared.  But the last straw happened when I was in Buenos Aires a month ago. He wrote to me to say he was coming to the city, but as soon as I stupidly expressed interest in his arrival, he just blew off. Didn’t even bother responding. The only way I could redeem myself is by erasing him off of Facebook. What a blow, right?

The Cuban – Christian


The romantic Cuban and I wrote back and forth for months. And no guys, he didn’t ask me for money or a visa. Finally, I stopped this useless interaction. I knew that there was no future in this. Sure, he was a beautiful person and it was a warming memory but who were we kidding here? A couple of months ago, when living with Fran in Cordoba I wrote to him again. I guess I missed the romance he and I shared when Fran and I did not. The Cuban was now working in a resort as an entertainer. The last email I received from him said that he waited for my email for 11 months. Heartbreaking right?

The Belgian – Eduard

backpackerThe one guy nothing even happened with, yet I have been in consistent contact with. He even offered to fly to Argentina just to see me. And when I was in Europe blamed me for not letting him know since he would have flown anywhere in the continent to see me. Totally beating any Latino man, right? Sadly, I don’t think I felt enough for him. I told him that and he accepted it, but we still have not lost contact. Once in a while he messages me and we talk back and forth like friends. I almost feel like if all else fails, maybe he can be my back-up plan. Don’t call me mean. I just wish I had more feelings for the guy! So here we go. So many stories and yet not one with a great ending. Do you have someone that you keep thinking about? Do you wonder what it would be like to see this person again? Share your own stories and experiences. I love getting messages from you, so send them over and I will do my best to respond to each one of you!


19 thoughts on “What Happened to Them? (2015)

  1. I just wish i had you guts, and went fucking around the globe like you do. Instead, i sit around, dream, and never do anything. Sad. Stupid.

    • Wow.. I guess that’s a compliment? I wouldn’t say I go around the world “fucking around”. I think I look more for some connection, but I would agree the result was sometimes that. I also used to sit around dreaming and it wasn’t until my late 20s where I really started going after what I wanted. Instead of blaming yourself, take that anger and start pushing yourself. Find a direction and just go there!

  2. You are my favorite blogger in the world, I identy with you so much!!!
    I have had the great experience of being with (not many) but some foreigners and I must say it has been amazing.
    Thanks to them (since all of them are so different) I have learned about how men around the world think, how they like it, how some things don’t change no matter where the person is.
    and also learned a lot about myself.
    just like you say, we look for connections and that sometimes the result is that.
    I can honestly say that my favorite men are dutch and swedish, so I enjoyed what you wrote about the dutch guy and how he was and even though it was a similar situation just like yours I really loved it, I fell for that attitude.
    I am glad to say that with both guys I have stayed in touch for over a year now and it’s good to know that we remain friends (and me secretly in love) after the hook up.
    YOU ARE AMAZING!! I wish I had the chance to share more with you since I also love the international dating thing haha!

    • Thank you!! You just made my day!! It’s not every day you hear you are someone’s favorite blogger in the world:D:D:D
      If you are interested – I also run an international dating channel. Give me your email and I will send you the link:)
      And I know I haven’t been writing much lately (mostly due to the channel that requires tons of work) but I will get back into it very soon.
      Many hugs and kisses!

      • Hi!!! YES!! I am totally interested in your international dating channel.
        this is my mail marysparade@gmail.com
        can’t wait to read your next post!! I REALLY LOVE READING EACH ONE OF THEM!! probably because I identify with them so much…
        take care!!

  3. Your stories about foreign men especially the Europeans was something I could relate too, I do have same background like you in experiencing dating these guys, some stories make me laugh and sad, I can felt same thing that you did. One curiosity have you ever date any English guy, if it ever happen I would like to hear it from you. Please share more stories like this in future, reading your blog is much more interesting than reading fashion or other commercialized blogs.. I support Mia (:

    • Haha Thank you!!! You’re hilarious! I’m glad you support Mia!!:)

      Agh.. I do have a story, but it happened a long time ago, and it wasn’t that exciting.. so I didn’t think about sharing it. I wish I could date an English guy just to write a story, but that’s not how these things happen. I also went on two dates with an English guy recently, but again – not the most exciting read. Hmm.. I will definitely continue writing.. Not sure I can say anything relevant about the Brits though!

  4. Hello!!! I have loved reading everyone of your blogs! You remind me alot of me minus the international part lol I also am from Toronto and wish that I could experience half the stuff u have experienced minus the romancing! I say that as I am currently in a relationship. What is the link to your YouTube website! I’m dying to see the videos and put some hypothetical names to the faces to some of these guys!

  5. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your blog after i dated a Spanish guy. I got hook up with all your stories that i have read it all and its really fun and interesting as well.
    I want to watch those videos you made but i cant seem to find the link on any of your posts. Would be glad to see all those videos.
    Btw, have you not dated an Asian guy?

    • Hi Lilian, of course! I will send you the link. No, never.. mostly I date Europeans and South Americans.. There are certain nationalities I have never gone for.. Just no attraction on some level, although I guess there could be exceptions to the rule!:)

  6. Mia can I get the link to your video site too? There are so many douchebags in the world haha yet so many great women that don’t deserve to be treated like dirt. I first found your blog after a break up with my first douchbag haha and it was so addictive I read as many posts as I could and finished it within a few days. I recently remembered to check your blog again and I was so excited to see there are some new stories. I love your stories, it’s like Sex and the City but in different countries. I love binge watching that show when I’m home alone it’s my single girl, guilty pleasure. I made out with a Portuguese guy who worked as a receptionist in a hostel in Santiago and I’m glad I didn’t have sex with him, because it turned out he had a girlfriend and apparently hit on anything that moved haha including his poor female colleague who once caught him masturbating to porn at work lol I’d love to write the whole story hahaha Fucking Latin men Also was the Belgian guy the couchsurfer you hosted for one night but had chemistry with?

    • Hey girl,

      Sure thing! Check your email! I remember you commenting on my stories and then you disappeared. And yes, the Belgian guy was the couchsurfer that I had nothing with. It’s ironic that people really like that story considering nothing even happened:)

  7. I like your blog but worry when you say “you’ve never loved anyone” etc It seems to me you deliberately choose men who you can have no future with – just fake holiday moments. Isn’t it time to grow up and take a chance with someone you might have a future with? It takes courage for that too! Isn’t it time to stop playing around? Its not all about looks either – ultimately its what beneath that counts! Best of luck to a funny brave girl -but please look beyond the mirror and the surface – you might surprise yourself.

    • Hm You may be on to something. I’ve heard this from my friends and while I think this is not true, that I want to be in love, I definitely have a string of men I can’t have a future with.. Thanks for the advice:))

  8. Mia, I am hooked to your blog!! I’m only about halfway done reading but my favorite so far is the Belgian 😉 Could I get the link to your youtube channel too?? Keep up the awesome writing, girl ❤

    • Thanks Tendelle!! I loved getting your comment. Hmm, how interesting – it’s a shorter story and nothing actually happens, but as I mentioned I am still in touch with him. He’s a really great guy.

      I will send you the link to my channel. Check in an hour! Many hugs:))

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