Why Pick Up Videos Bother me to the Nth Degree

Dating Beyond Borders

Image Pick up lines. Youtube is full of them. Guys trying to kiss girls. Guys proposing to girls. Girls picking up girls. Girls picking up dogs…

I’ve had enough.

It is not the idea that’s the problem. It is the way it is carried out. The point is – there is absolutely no sincerity in any of it. So what? You will say. It is just a way to kill time and see some guys (or girls) ‘score’.

The problem arises when already clueless men are faced with different ‘rules’ and ‘strategies’ to meeting women. From books like “The Game” to “Pick-Up a Girl” (with a million different variations), men are getting a straight shooter approach to getting a girl to do everything from give you the phone number to kiss her. But how do you generally carry them out?

1. Provide her with cheesy lines, but act like you are mocking the idea with…

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2 thoughts on “Why Pick Up Videos Bother me to the Nth Degree

  1. I totally feel you. There are many PUAs out there and the really good PUAs have practiced it for years, are more believable and have even incorporated a certain sincerity in their approach. But like all PUAs, they’re not really interested in you, they are only interested in sex and will pressure you for sex early on.

    • Hi Jenna,

      There are, but as you said many are pushy in a bad way. There is a way to seduce the woman and it is not by trying obvious strategies. Mostly it is listening to her and responding well

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