Sexy Jewish Men – When a No turns to Yes

Image  Let’s start with the fact that I am not a slut. I am a classy girl and a strong believer in waiting to have sex. At least beyond one day. I think waiting a week to a month is a good way of getting to know the person, gaining respect and separating yourself from every other one night stand. Believe me. I have read tons of books on the subject and have an older brother.

There are instances in life, however, when your heart and body completely dominates your head. There are men that make us lose our senses completely, because they generate ease, sex appeal and real confidence. They are masters at selling sex to you. They do not hurry you up or plead with you with “please, can we just a little bit?”. They just know how to phrase the proposal and to kiss you so well, that any resistance melts away and your mind literally shuts off.

Both of these men for me happened to be Jewish.

I have never been attracted to Jewish guys, I will be honest. Being half Jewish myself I always went for the opposite, but when it comes to sex, let me generalize and say “oh, my God!” The regret is totally worth the experience.

The first one was from Israel. I met him in the summer while vacationing in Costa Rica. He was much younger (as it is sadly a trend with me), a surfer travelling for months ‘in search of the perfect wave, dude!’ He was working as a receptionist at a surfing hostel when I met him. Super relaxed, witty and flirty, he was charming but not my type. I didn’t even seriously consider him until he came to a party that night and we began flirting. When he offered to go to the beach, I thought we would just do some kissing.stock-footage-silhouette-of-couple-during-beach-sunset

When he tried to go further, I stopped him saying I wasn’t going to have sex. Believe me. Up until this point I was positive I wouldn’t. OK, he agreed, let’s just talk and look at the stars.

I can’t believe I actually bought that line. We talked for I think, one minute in total when he started at it again. His mouth was on my neck as he was sensually kissing me, going lower and lower until I had to stop him again. No problem, he agreed casually. We talked again. He tried to make it romantic by asking me questions. When I said no the third time, he became a salesman.

“It is up to you of course” He said “But you have two days here. If we had sex today, tomorrow would be so much better.” It was kind of “get one, get the second half price” kind of a deal. Oh Jews – what salespeople indeed.

This line got me thinking. Hmm. I did want to have sex with him. Did it matter if I waited one more day? We could be together for two whole days. He was really good at kissing, so I wondered what else he might be good at… and ok, OK, I stayed in a surfing village in Costa Rica. The sand, beach, surfing and drinking combination do not make for a clearly reasoning mind.

He invited me to his room and I agreed saying I would only spend the night with him. Sure, he agreed.I am tired anyways.

You know what happened at the end? You guessed right. He didn’t even have to convince me. He merely asked “So, how are you feeling about this?” when I said “I want to have sex”.  How great is that? Great seduction skills plus wonderful tactic equals stupid girl who offers to have sex with you. I gotta say though, the sex was completely worth it. Probably the best in my life so far. He was very dominating and he knew how to take charge.

The ironic thing is, we never got to have a second time. Mr. Israel figured he has had enough and ditched me the next evening, but I suppose he got lonely at night because he left a note asking me to spend the night with him. ‘He didn’t like to sleep alone’. Thank God, I put my scrambled brains in my head this time and simply left that day.

Unfortunately, my bad judgement does not stop there. 

A week ago, I received an email from a French guy I once met on the street in Barcelona. All I remembered was he was really tall, dark and quite handsome.  He was coming to my city so we decided to meet for a drink on the rooftop. Oh and he was part Moroccan Jewish, of course.panorama-1

He was extremely stylish and smelled amazing which I suppose comes with being Parisian. And definitely out to get me. To bed. He actually told the waitress to get me something strong so he would be able to seduce me. In front of me. He openly flirted with me throughout the whole date and at one point I classified him as a douchebag. Then, as I showed him I was resilient to his cheesy charms, and shot down all his attempts at flirting with sarcastic comments and “does this actually work?”, he finally seemed to take me seriously and we had a genuine conversation.

Again, I told this guy I was not going to have sex with him. He was in my city only for one night and I am classy enough to end it at a kiss. Usually.

I have experience with French guys, I have watched countless movies and I have seen the whole hand kissing thing enough to know it is a ploy, but when he began kissing the back of my wrist, I swear – I melted. I became a living and breathing stereotype for a girl who swoons upon hearing the words amour and cherie.  Living in North  America, we don’t get a lot of sensuality, so French men can use that to their full advantage. Assholes.

After we shared a really passionate kiss, he started convincing me to come up to his hotel room. He continued kissing my neck literally to the point where my mind temporarily shut off. And if you know me you know that I always over-analyze everything. I wouldn’t come up to his hotel but I also didn’t want to leave him. I mean, damn, I am human! And the neck kissing was out of this world! What is it with the damn French guys? Do they go to a special school or something?Shoe Wine

I suggested we take a taxi to my place and I would maybe consider letting him up. He didn’t expect such a turn of events and said I really surprised him, in a good way. But then, I surprised myself more. I allowed him to stay the night, telling him I would not have sex with him. Seriously. Never try that. I hope you are smart enough not to. I mean, how the hell did my train of thought even work at that moment? “Oh, I will spend the night with a horny, grown man who is not my friend but wants to get into my pants. And I also want him to. We will do other things, but not more. Oh, and he is part Moroccan. That will help matters.”

It is miraculous –  the winding paths my logic sometimes follows. You would think I was sixteen (and pregnant).

I have to say though – I lasted until the morning. I tried really hard to fight the urge. He was dominating, sensual, knew exactly what he was doing and curiosity won the best of me. Again, really worth it, but what bothers me is that I became like every other girl. A girl who says no, but ends up saying yes. Oh, and to make it worse? I didn’t use a condom. And now I have to go through a check up. Why? Well, let’s just say at the tender age of 28 I completely lost all my wits.

It is difficult being a girl sometimes. Especially if you feel like you should be classy. I want to be classy. I think I am. But sometimes, there is a part of you that says “What about now? What about this feeling? What if you die tomorrow and this would be the greatest sensual experience of your life?” And some guys know how to play on that. These two guys are a great example of how to seduce a woman. Both waited and slowly seduced me until I just succumbed. I beat myself about it afterwards, but do I regret it really?

I’ll end this with a line from a movie called “Spread”. In it, the character of Ashton Kutcher gives tips on seducing women. At one point he says “If a girl says she is not having sex with you, before you can even blink, before you can even think – she is having sex with you.” It is very upsetting to me that I watched this movie before my recent experience and became the rule rather than the exception to this theory.Spread_poster

Alas, seduction wins. But now, I have to listen to my head.


21 thoughts on “Sexy Jewish Men – When a No turns to Yes

    • Thanks, Adriana! Yes, he was amazing. Completely worth it.. but I still regretted it mainly because he seemed like the guy who is used to girls saying yes to him. And I ended up falling for it as well.. Ah, well. We are all human I suppose.
      Anyways, so glad you enjoy! It is great having readers that follow your blog:)

  1. Oh yeah he was didn’t read that part! My native language isn’t English sorry. Keep up the good work! I came to your blog becausen of the French guys stories. They are quite charming but you’re in Luck if you can understand And handle them.

  2. Haha you really have to stop saying you aren’t going to have sex and then cave in. I think these guys probably see this as a challenge. Why do men never suggest putting on a condom? Especially if they sleep around, who want’s to catch an STI or have a baby unexpectedly. It’s so awkward for the girl to have to ask and even buy her own. Grr I know it’s bad but I only used a condom twice with the Italian guy and I always had to ask him. The majority of the time he just withdrew but I was so paranoid I could fall pregnant still because I don’t take the pill or anything hmmmph men so irresponsible. But yeah I know how irresistible neck kisses and chemistry can be.

    • I agree! I need to stop saying that. It has gotten ridiculous.. though at the moment I have been celibate for a while, so there is nothing to write about. Guys definitely see it as a challenge, and then I disappoint them and me when that challenge is over. The problem is the same here than in Sydney. Guys don’t make a move. Everyone is so cold and distant, that at a certain point you start wanting something spontaneous and exciting.. So when we meet a guy like that, it’s sometimes hard to say no.

      Use a condom. I know I will now! Thank God I didn’t test positive for anything but it was not worth freaking out about, especially because the guy dissappeared as expected and was obviously a douche bag from the get go.

      • I want to use condoms but I hated asking. He should have been the one to put it on. Maybe withdrawal is more common in Italy than condoms. He did lose his erection the first time he put a condom on and the first time we tried to have sex. It’s pretty funny actually considering what a womaniser he ended up being. But then I thought what if he loses it again when he tries to wear a condom. So I risked it and he never suggested to wear one. Luckily I never got pregnant, he pulled out on time and came on my belly usually. The only time I did make him wear it was when I bought flavoured condom. I don’t enjoy giving blowjobs and I thought I’d be more into it if it tasted nice and I wasn’t thinking what if I’m tasting his urine etc it doesn’t turn me on. This was after several times we’d had unprotected sex. I think he didn’t mind too much because he knew he’d get blowjobs. I also got my period that day so it was a good idea unless he wanted blood all over his dick. Sorry about the details. I think I’m like you, I like passionate, romantic men usually Latin or French men. I think we’ll end up looking for love online before a guy from our own country approaches us. They have no guts, you sound like you’re attractive and you definitely notice the attention when you’re in a Latin american country they aren’t shy and know how to flatter and flirt. When I get greeted with 2 kisses on the cheek by French men I think I could rally get used to this. I’m affection starved in Sydney. I only get hugs from friends and often they are awkward hugs. My Spanish friend complains about missing the warmth of his people most, the kisses on the cheek and proper hugs not just a shoulder hug. But judging by Spanish movies maybe they have too much warmth haha Que calor! All the sex and passion can’t be contained lol that’s the only negative

  3. Hey,
    I’m really sorry this happened to you. We’ve all been there. But not all Jewish guys are players. I’ve had relationships with three of them, and they have been some of the best in my life.

    Maybe I’m wrong and you enjoyed your time with Mr. Israeli and Mr. Morocco, but I can totally relate to the emotional confusion. I am so frustrated. Why is it when I say I want some, the guys I like don’t bite the bait, and the guys like the ones in your post are the ones that get in our pants and use us up like garbage?

    I could never see that Ashton Kutcher movie. I would end up breaking something, I swear.

    It’s time for we women to reclaim our sexual agency. I’m serious.

    • Hi D.B.,

      I did enjoy my time but I also felt like garbage afterwards. The rule of the thumb is this (in opinion) – do not have sex with someone you do not trust. Actually, just don’t do it the first night. Unless you really want to.. And then be prepared for the guy to just dissapear.

  4. Miam I love your blog, so glad you added more posts. What can I say…stay strong but we all hope for the fairytale…meet…have fire works and live happily ever after…there is a good blog called Evan Markatz (i think thats how it is spelled) and he says he can know a mans intentions by what he does….he wants you to be his gf he will ask, he wants to date you, he will call…:( for me it means days of wondering where things are going are over, sadly only ugly guys that I don’t like are so invested and calling etc..why oh why?! But our time will come girl

    • Thanks Stacey,

      We all feel like only ‘ugly’ or ‘boring’ guys are after us.. And we all hope for someone to sweep us of our feet. This may be immature or unrealistic, but I think it’s worth looking for. Life without feelings is just existence. I will check out the blog. Thanks:)

  5. I had a couple of incredible nights with a Russian guy, once, named Igor, of all names.. oh my, he was beautiful, i still relish the memory, you only live once, he was a hockey player.. I met him when he came over to play the Capitals when he was playing for the Moscow Dynamos.. you will soon be my age, which is almost 50, and these memories are fond, even though they were upsetting at one point. When times got rough, I’d remember my fleeting moments with Igor.

    • I know what you mean. Out of all the things we remember the most I think it’s the moments we feel really alive: when our heart beats quickly, when we feel passion, when every smell and song has a different meaning.. So I definitely understand you and that’s what I am still searching for. And this is probably why I had so many flings – they may be brief but they are vivid.

  6. I loved reading this! I am like you! I wait to sleep with a guy. I’m not a one night stand kind of girl. That’s not me. I demand respect BUT I went to Israel in the spring and, of course, class flew out the window. I stayed strong the first night and didn’t go home with him but the second night, with a different guy, I did. What can I say? We met at the beach and he had a KILLER body. I mean, my goodness. He was in the army after all 😉 we met up that night for drinks and talked for a good 5 or 6 hours. He was very direct and said “I think you’re hot. I like you and I want to kiss you.” We made out and cuddled at the bar for quite some time before heading back to his place. I told him “I’m not that kind of a girl. I’m not going to sleep with you” what was I thinking would happen going back to his place? Let’s be honest here. We were on his bed and he says “where do you want to to take this?” Me: “I’m not going to sleep with you” him: “that’s fine but you’re leaving tel aviv tomorrow and I’m leaving for the army base for the rest of the week but I don’t want you leaving here unsatifisfied so let’s just play it by ear” yeah it happened

    • Hi Kat,
      There is nothing wrong with that. At the end, that is probably one of the moments you remember the most, isn’t it? What is the point with doing things ‘right’ all the time?
      The most important thing is that you have respect for yourself and stick that. And Israeli men can be quite difficult to say no to sometimes.

  7. Loved reading this, completely relatable. I think people who love to travel usually have a carpe diem attitude and when you throw a sexy man in the mix it’s bound to happen. We live for the moments that make us feel alive and sometimes regret follows that but it really shouldn’t. They don’t regret it, why should we? = )

    • Thank you! Exactly. Sometimes you think – why not? And it’s funny because I have never regretted these moments of spontaneity, as stupid as they may seem now. 🙂

  8. Lol. You have no idea how much I enjoyed reading this! I’m a very no nonsense and sensible person BUT not when it comes to these bloody jews :p. I’ve dated 5 Israelis, and 3 other jews. Even the guy I’ve had the longest relationship with so far had a grandmother who obviously, was jewish.

    I have a problem with Israeli men obviously, lol. I’ve booked a flight to Israel now. I’ll need to find out where this problem originates from 😀

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