The most romantic man?


5 thoughts on “The most romantic man?

  1. Oh my, this is too difficult to answer and I should have at least a bit of an opinion having dated men of all races. Seems to me my man is made up in some fairy tale, I hope I do not have to lower my standards to actually meet someone awkwardly, decent 😦 Seriously, why can’t men just get it together, its not rocket science. BTW, loved reading about your encounters, especially the dutch. Reminds me so much about my experience with one.

    • Seems to me mine is made up in a fairy tale as well.. since he is so hard to find. But I refuse to settle for something I don’t want and you shouldn’t either! Best of luck to you:)

  2. your blog is super interesting, love it and couldn’t tell you were Russian! 🙂

    my bf is french and says that french guys are stingy when they are not into the girl. It’s a different story when they are into you. Which makes perfect sense. But that’s just for the French, I’m not sure about other Europeans.

    • Thank you!

      What do you mean you couldn’t tell I was Russian? 🙂 Everyone always says that, but it’s because of the way I look and sound.

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