The One Minute Dating Survey!

Are Japanese men really that timid? Is it true that French know how to romanticize a woman or are Scandinavian men really so uptight? Do Persian men spend all their money on you while the Germans are very economical? What do you think of these stereotypes and what has your personal experience been with each culture?

Open up the following survey. It only takes a second to answer each question!



8 thoughts on “The One Minute Dating Survey!

  1. Hi Mia,

    I love your blog. I’m from the UK and of Sri Lankan descent. Lankan guys make the best boyfriends, promise. They’re kind, generous, well educated, charming, trustworthy and passionate. I don’t date other Asians. Could teach all the other guys a few things.

    I have dated others from aròund the world. I like Greeks, jews and Serbs a lot as they’re very loyal. I find Polish boys stingy and Scandinavians hot but unreliable. One of my Scandinavians ran off with a homeless womàn, the other one ran off with his PhD student. They aren’t good with strong women, regardless of what they claim. And they have Low sexdrives. Never more than once a night. Germans are boring ín bed. I have dated but not slept with Twlians and Spanish. We don’t have Latinos in the UK but I am open to them. Indian men are stingy and selfish In bed. Irish men are charming but don’t last long. British guys are sweet but again, lowish sex drives. French men make excèllent lovers but can be commitmentphobic and game players. I am going to be trying Dutch soon. wish me luck!

    • haha Very ambitious! And very knowledgeable. You can contribute some of your own stories in my blog. I think I will make a section for my readers to post their own stories. You can be the first one to post:)

      • Thanks. Can’t wait to get posting. Dated an assortment of oddballs this year. Have only slept with two of them..both of whom were nothing special – English and Irish. Now dating someone normal and Sri Lankan. I hope he is as good as the others were 😉 Regretfully he lives in Sri Lanka so I will only see him after Xmas.

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