About me!

I’m a 28 year old female who resides in Toronto, Canada.  Originally from Moscow, Russia and with a real love of cultures, languages and traveling, I have developed a trend for dating guys from abroad, mostly centering around Europe, Central/South America and Australia. I don’t know whether it’s their charm or accent, but ever since the first story in my blog, I have developed a strong attraction to foreign guys, and it seems by some law of attraction, they to me. That is not to say I would date anyone from France, just because they seem to be very ‘romantic’, or an Italian because they are great at ‘seduction’ (because it can be just the opposite actually) but I’ll be honest and say hearing an accent does pique my curiosity. Greatly.

However, though sometimes sexy, the downside to this attraction would be a lack of English, a different culture, a pointless long distance relationship or a lack of documents. In my blog, I recount stories of romance, disappointment, moments of hilarity and ridiculousness. From long distance relationships, to vacation flings to bad dates, this blog will cover parts of my love life, with as much honesty as I can possibly muster. The only part I changed were the names of all the guys, in order to protect their privacy, should they ever see it. Of course if they did, most would have to buy a plane ticket to strangle me with their bare hands! Either way, I wouldn’t want to risk it and embarrass the poor shmucks.

Please feel more than free to leave your comments, thoughts, constructive criticism and your own anecdotes on my page. I cannot wait to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “About me!

  1. oh my goodness!
    I just found your blog and I. AM. OBSESSED. LITERALLY.
    I absolutely loooooooooove guys from different countries (and hooking up with them 😉 ) so its kinda nice to see someone who does the same 🙂

    Keep up your blogs!! I love reading them

  2. Can I ask how you afford to visit all these places? Like do you travel for work? Whatever you’re doing, I wanna do too 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,

      I think it’s my priority so I either save up or try to get time off. Now I asked my work for time off non-paid so I could visit South America. I work in a school but I think anyone can do this if they really want to. Make it your priority!:)

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